Jan. 8, 2017

Help! I need an enrolled agent.

For many taxpayers, tax preparation is not cut and dry. I’ve listed some of the most common reasons my clients use my services below.

Here are some situations which may require my help at tax time:

  • Self Employment

  • Rental Property

  • The sale of your main home

  • Income from investments

  • Taking a distribution from a retirement account

  • Taking the Premium Tax Credit  to help pay for  your Healthcare.gov purchased health insurance

  • Receiving a 1099-C , or 1099-A form for the cancellation of personal debt

  • Income from a partnership or  S corporation

  • Foreign Income

It is important to file your return by the due date, or file an extension.  The Failure to File penalty imposed can be up to 25% of the tax owed.  My goal is to provide you with accurate, timely, tax preparation, communicate the results of your return filing in a timely manner, and provide you with affordable tax preparation services.  Other services are available for a separate fee.

You may still be unsure if you need an enrolled agent or not.  Reach out to me by phone or email today so we can talk about your individual situation and discuss all of your options.